Sometimes things don’t go as planned

Today about an hour before my live with Jacquelene where we talked all things Pinterest, the neighbors decided to start a very loud hammering style construction project – of course right on the side near my office. I was like, there’s no way I can do a live like this so I fired up the laptop and moved operations to the living room just in time for our live…and then we had a tech glitch due to my headphones and for the first like 7 minutes, nobody could hear Jacquelene!

These are tiny hiccups, sure – nothing major – but they’ve caused me to reflect on the bigger moments in business when things don’t go as planned that require us to lean into the strength within ourselves to find solutions, get through and keep going!

Giving up or going half ass aren’t my things!

I laugh about today’s little challenges because they were so easy to overcome. But I’ve seen friends launch a webinar to no one showing up, tweaking it, trying again, and again until it finally sets sail, clients spending a ton of money on ads trying to get the one that converts, and myself had so many times where I was showing up but struggling for clarity.

You may be on the other side of my screen, putting in the work and not seeing results you’re expecting yet, or posting your new program and no one is listening, and feeling totally overwhelmed with the work ahead. But it’s in those moments we gotta lean in to our strengths, find the no drama problem solver within, and test, try, make a little change, try again and KEEP GOING!

It’s a little bit of persistance, a little bit of ease, a little bit of curiosity, and a whole lot ‘a trust. (and sometimes a side income to take the pressure off.)

Do you agree?

It’s a funny thing that I used to get so stressed in my corporate role. I was on someone else’s schedule and when challenges popped up I overcompensated and burned myself out. I never felt I was giving enough if things weren’t perpetually perfect.

Today, in the little bit of challenge I had, I realized for the first time since I made the big jump to entrepreneurship, how much ease I felt, naturally.

Like, I got this, there’s a way.

And I feel it on many levels where I haven’t felt it before. A deep level of self trust has been manifesting and – hello universe – I’m paying attention and super grateful.

As a side effect of entrepreneurship, I’ll take it!

So, I guess I just wanted to share and if you ever have one of those days or challenges – know that you’ve got this , there’s a way!

xoxo, Christine (and Owen)