A course or an offer?

In this episode we’re going to talk about creating an offer versus a course, creating an experience for your customers versus just a course. 

I work in online courses all day long, I have a full roster of clients, and I’m also a course creator myself. I’ve spent the equal of a college education on learning the course business and getting connected with people that are really leading the industry. So, I often spot trends.

When I’m working with a client we spend the first month within a three month engagement honed in on creating the offer. That’s how important it is.

I had a discovery call with a client, she wanted to create some passive income online so she could free up some of her 1-1 patient time so she can do more speaking engagements. Her goal was to do a Tedtalk and she needed to have time to make this happen. So, she had taken her book, and basically she had filmed the chapters, each with a video. She had filmed six videos, and basicallyshe wanted my help, just to, you know, figure out how to sell those six videos. And, maybe if this were 5 or 10 years ago, she would have been fine to throw those videos into a website, charge a couple hundred or however many dollars for it and people would buy, and the level of expectation at that point would have been fine with that.

But now things have changed.

We have so much information on the internet. We’re no longer selling the information. In fact, if that’s all you’re going to do is sell information, it’s going to be a hard journey, but if you think of yourself as a curator of the information, a curator of how you get from point A to point B, and delivering an experience so it’s not just about talking at someone for x amount of hours in some videos and also it’s no longer about, “oh this course has 24 hours of video content”. It’s actually the opposite. People want your curated vision, they want your Cliff Notes. You’ve gone through the process and all the information and you’re going to give them only what they need. Only the best. You know the straightest path from point A to point z. That’s where your expertise and unique selling angle is.

So, the co founder of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson he uses the analogy: let’s say that you own a cell phone store, and you’re selling cell phones, and there’s about five other people on the street, that also have cell phone stores. You can go to any mall and that’s pretty much the case. So what’s going to make you different selling that iPhone11 vs the guy next door?

This is when the concept of creating an offer versus just a product or just a course comes into play. Imagine if instead of just selling a cell phone, you say, I’m going to sell a cell phone, but I’m also going to preload it with all my contacts in. In Russell Brunson’s case he put every marketing person, Tony Robbins, and any influential person and this phone’s going to come loaded with their number and a direct contact to them so you can text with them whenever you want. That’s something that no one else on the street can even compete with because it’s something only he can offer.

That makes it way more attractive to the client and he can also charge a whole lot more for that cell phone than the guy down the street can.

This is the idea of creating an offer versus a course. It’s one of the most important foundational things that I lead my clients through when I work with them.

I’ve been going through the process of creating and launching my own course with my passion project, Sewing and the City. I spent the entire first month outlining my offer and getting all of the offer pieces dialed in. Also, when you’re creating your offer, you’re also creating selling tools that you’re going to need during the selling process. Things like an early bird bonus, a plot twist bonus and regular bonuses that crush the objections and build out the offer.

And I’m not talking about just putting up more videos. It’s not about becoming a firehose and flooding with information. It’s about creating relevant information that helps your customer achieve the transformation that you’re promising.

So for some of my clients this looks like including a black book with some of their direct contacts when that’s relevant. For others, it looks like a spreadsheet that they havebeen using in their business for five or 10 years and it’s kind of like a done for you solution for students. Things like evaluating the worth of a company or evaluating your own your own financial position, these kind of things make great spreadsheets. Other things you can do are a calendar, trello boards, one on one coaching – there are endless things that you can add to an offer to really build it out so it’s not just a course.

The courses that are selling these days are offers not courses. Courses are going to sit on the shelf people may not even finish them. If it’s an offer that with all the pieces put together, guide your customer to achieving that result, they’re going to finish the content.

So, this is one of the most important foundational things when you’re getting ready to launch your course. Hopefully if you’re reading this and you’re thinking about creating course don’t just go out and spend a lot of money getting videos made and edited and all of that, before you’ve defined a really strong offer.

And if we work together, I’m most likely going to recomend starting with evaluating your offer and making sure it’s really dialed in. Because this sets the foundation for the rest of the process for when you start publishing and writing your sales page copy, when you write your launch copy, your pre launch copy, and even creating your ads- it all goes back to the very first step of creating an irresistible offer. That’s one of the first things that you want to do.

I hope this was helpful. If you’re interested in getting a hand with building out an irresistible offer, reach out and schedule a discovery call. Looking forward to chatting!