Learning should be an experience


Ready to launch a course that creates an unforgettable experience for your clients?

Days, weeks, hours. When someone buys your course, they spend a lot of time with YOU.

Course are often overlooked as a relationship building tool in this way. I’ve taken many courses that neglect the experience alltogether. I’ve taken some that have blown my mind – with more than just the content.

Your course is a great way to create deeper relationships with your students and move them further along in their buying journey – whether they get inspired to work 1-1 with you, buy your next course, or attend your retreat.

Your clients are worth it.

I’m here to help you package up your expertise into a course or membership site. Whether you want to turn your ‘1-1’  services into your first course, or relaunch your best course into evergreen format, I can help!

I spent 15 years in my first career working in luxury retail. I’ve managed stores on Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue for brands like Emilio Pucci and Mulberry. As the Director of Retail, I was responsible for training my teams to master the luxury selling experience. Afterall, selling $800 pants or $3000 bags requires an experience that wows the client.

I love creating memorable client experiences.

In 2016, I took the JUMP and quit my corporate career, moved to a Spanish island, and embarked on the entrepreneur journey! I had been designing my own WordPress sites for many years and making the pivot to web design was natural. Soon, I niched down to courses and membership sites which is where my passion is – I’m a life long learner and love taking courses!


Launching your course is an incredible step in your business! You may be already booked out with 1-1 calls, so where do you find the time to set up your course? What about all the payment set up stuff? The sales page? 

Tired of spending 5 hours on something that should’ve taken 30 minutes? Let me give you some relief – and your time back!

I offer 90 minute Strategy Sessions to help you create your clear road map and done for you services, that allow you to just hand everything off to me to set up.


In the end, it’s the little details that make a big impact on your students. Let’s face it, you’re beyond the DIY, right? You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Let me help you launch a course or membership site that is a fantastic representation of your brand and that you’re proud to launch!

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Stephanie Hunter

Founder, Hunter Method

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