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The podcast for busy entrepreneurs looking to scale their impact and add an additional revenue stream to their business by creating and launching an online course.

Launch your course podcast

Episode 1: The “I don’t have time” limbo

Episode 2: How to make your online course work FOR you

Episode 3: Is creating a course worth it? (and what if it doesn’t sell?)

Episode 4: Course Platforms: which one to choose?

Episode 5: A course or an offer?

I’m Christine: here to help you package up your unique expertise into an online course that allows you to expand your impact and add an additional revenue stream to your business. Whether you want to turn your ‘1-1’  services into your first course, or relaunch your best course into evergreen format, I can help!


I spent 15 years in my first career working in luxury retail. I’ve managed stores on Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue for brands like Emilio Pucci and Mulberry. As the Director of Retail, I was responsible for training my teams to master the luxury selling experience. Afterall, selling $800 pants or $3000 bags requires an experience that wows the client.

I love creating memorable client experiences.

In 2016, I took the JUMP and quit my New York City corporate career, moved to a Spanish island, and embarked on the entrepreneur journey! I had been designing my own WordPress sites for many years and making the pivot to web design was natural. Soon, I niched down to online courses which is where my passion is – I’m a life long learner and love taking courses!


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