Take a behind the scenes look at the products I’ve launched under my brand, Sewing and the City:

Stitch Playbook

Stitch Playbook is one of my front end offers and is a beginner’s learn to sew course. It’s irresistible at just $37.00 and includes several bonuses which create a tipping point in the buyer’s journey.


I filmed this course in my guest bedroom with only a DLSR camera, an iphone, and natural light from the windows. In other words, minimum viable!


Launched in a beta format with 29 beta students, the course now has over 1,000 students learning to sew on 9 continents!

Hack It

Hack It is my OTO (one time offer) sold on the backend of Stitch Playbook. It appeals to my fashion minded customer and brings them one step further in their journey of learning to sew.


This course converts at a solid 40% and adds an additional $19 to my order value.

PDF Pattern Downloads

I design downloadable PDF sewing patterns that my customers buy, then print and assemble at home and use to sew their own version of the garment!


These are resource intense to create but have become the heart of my brand awareness, customer attraction and loyalty.


My best-selling pattern has been purchased over 800 times.

Black Friday

For Black Friday, I launched a collection of 3 new PDF Patterns called “Rock It From Home”, playing on the fact that it was the middle of the pandemic and many of us were living on Zoom. I offered the bundle for 50% off regular price.


I sold over 100 patterns within 3 days.

Live Masterclass

While all of my other courses are filmed and edited beforehand, I wanted to try a live Zoom format. This was a 2 hour live masterclass where I made 9 different creative masks and participants could ask questions and interact with me.


I had 12 people purchase the class, and 1 show up live. I think it was due to the timing (mid December) and the topic (people were tired of making masks). I learned a lot and may try this again with a different topic.

Luxe Loungewear

Luxe Loungewear is my first course built as an ascension product. It’s an advanced course and accompanied by 5 PDF patterns which are sold separately or as an order bump bundle.


Each pattern is also sold on it’s own and leads to the course, creating front end entry points to the course.


This was my most successful personal beta launch with 49 students enrolling.

I launched ALL of these products in just 12 months and brought in over 70k in revenue. In just 3 months you could have your first course selling and bringing in revenue…or you could be back on this page thinking, “Why didn’t I just do it then?

Curious if we would be a good fit to work together?


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