Ready to impact 100’s if not 1,000’s of people by packaging up your expertise into an online course?


But how do you push through the overwhelm and get that big vision that’s in your head out into the market to sell?

Creating an online course that fits into your value ladder and delivers a transformation your students need requires a lot of moving parts working in symphony, it’s true.

Maybe you’ve tried. You wrote an outline to try to organize all the ideas in your head. You’re excited for the transformation you can deliver but…now what?

Overwhelm sets in as you feel the time heavy weight of creating all this content.


You second guess yourself…is this worth it? What if it doesn’t sell?

You watched the Kajabi webinar and convinced the platform was the key to getting started, you signed up…but that’s as far as you’ve gotten.


You follow all the gurus and bought a course or two. Amy Porterfield made it look so easy, so why haven’t you launched yet?

The truth is, the courses and gurus give you a ton of relevant information, but how do you actually implement what they teach in your dynamic business (along with the 100 other things on you and your team’s plate)?

I know this story because I’ve seen it over and over! Clients come to me thinking that there’s a one size fits all way to package up their expertise, but the reality is, each business and team and launch is unique and dynamic.

Whether you’re launching a lower ticket offering or your signature course, I can help you wrangle all the moving parts to bring your online course into reality.

Entrepreneurs that set off on the course creation journey without support, inevitably launch far later than they wished, with a sub par product, and a lot of wasted time and money patching holes along the way.

My expertise is focused on helping entrepreneurs launch their online courses. This focus allows me to know the terrain and guide you on the journey to creating a profitable digital product – without time wasted on the learning curve or going in the wrong direction.

“Christine is a highly skilled and knowledgable internet marketer and she is also a highly skilled professional coach. She is one of those rare individuals who has equal shares of geek knowledge and people skills. She is an absolute joy to work with. She listened and understood my highly niched business very quickly, answered my questions and shared valuable knowledge I didn’t even know existed!”


Dr. Martin Johnson

There are endless options when it comes to creating your online course, but here are a few places to start:

Your Repetition


Do you find yourself saying the same things to multiple clients throughout your week and month?


Your online course can teach the basics FOR you, so you can actually get to the true deep issues within your 1-1 time with the client. For example, does your therapy work involve a core practice like meditation or journaling? Why not let a course teach these basics? How would it feel if your new clients came to a session having already been immersed in the first steps of your methods – without your face to face time?

Your Seminar or Workshop


Are you known for your signature live seminar or workshop?


You can only be in so many places at once but you want to make an impact. Turn your signature workshop or seminar into an online course. I can help you repackage the curriculum into a digital format with specific teaching elements that ensure your transformation is delivered. Imagine being able to reach a worldwide audience – without physically being there!

Your Method


Have you developed a signature method that you use with your clients to get results?


Maybe you’ve already written a book sharing your successful philosophy or method. A course is a great way to provide a deeper transformation to those in your audience who want more from you. Teaching your signature method in an online format with activities in various teaching styles is a great way to further share your expertise and develop a deeper relationship with your audience!

“Above and beyond excellent advice and service. Christine has a great personality that calms any stress on the task at hand.”


Elisa Bennett

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To serve up transformations at scale to those who need your services.

To celebrate hitting your launch goals – and knowing exactly what those goals mean for your business in terms of numbers and Key Performance Indicators.

To have one to one support from a strategist that you can have face to face conversations with – to guide you every step of the way.

To know exactly what to delegate to your team and have help communicating what you need so it gets done right – the first time.

To have a 2nd set of eyes on all of your content – ensuring what you’re developing is a true reflection of your craft and your soul’s purpose.

To get answers to the questions that come up day to day from you and your team as you create and launch – and accountability to keep you on track.

Option 1: Strategy Call

$275. for 60 minutes


Overwhelmed and in need of quick support? Don’t need all the bells and whistles? Grab a 60 minute power-hour session and walk away with clarity on your next steps.

Option 2: 90-day Launch 

starts at $6000


Within our 90 days together, you’ll have your first group of full-price buyers and your online course in the market selling. This big-touch offer includes weekly Zoom calls, daily Voxer support, and my eyes on all your content weekly. Plus alllll my templates and resources. You’ll know exactly what to do at each step of the way and have me by your side when any questions or insecurities come up. Limited spaces available.

Just think: In 3 months you could have your course selling and bringing in revenue…or you could be back on this page thinking, “Why didn’t I just do it then?